Coach Danny Horgan has dedicated over a decade to the study of movement, fitness, and nutrition. As a Track Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and competitive marathoner, Horgan offers a vast array of knowledge across the fitness spectrum, working with athletes of all ages and abilities.

Horgan has extensive experience as a road runner, competing across the country in distances from 5K to the marathon. He was the overall winner of the 2023 Myrtle Beach Marathon, and he finished 5th at the USATF New England Marathon Championships in 2018. His personal best times include 2:34:29 for the marathon and 1:11:26 for the half marathon.

My Journey

In my early 20s, I struggled with significant energy issues that led me to study nutrition and fitness. I completely overhauled my diet, lost weight, and started regularly running again for the first time since high school. Within a month, I felt more energized than ever. I decided to go as far in road racing as I could, using knowledge as my most important tool.

I raced competitively from 2014 to early 2023. During that time, I explored every type of training imaginable, constantly refining my approach. Even as I hit injury roadblocks later in my career, I always found a way to get faster. I attribute this progression to my comprehensive approach to training and nutrition, which draws inspiration from all aspects of the fitness realm.

I have been coaching since 2017. Helping athletes reach their goals and potential is my single biggest passion. My philosophy as a coach is to meet athletes where they are in their journey. From there, I equip them with the tools to move far beyond what they believe is possible.

The results are by you. I’ll see you at the finish.

Race History

-2023 Myrtle Beach Marathon – 1st Place (2:38:26)

-2023 Chilly Willy Half Marathon – 1st Place (1:11:52)

-2022 Pell Bridge Run 4 Miler – 3rd Place (20:27)

-2022 Hollywood Broadwalk Half Marathon – 1st Place (1:11:26)

-2020 Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon – 3rd Place (1:12:02)

-2019 Mill Race Marathon – 3rd Place (2:42:10)

-2019 Charbo Run – 1st Place – 26:46

-2018 Bay State Marathon – 5th Place (2:34:29)

-2017 Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 – 1st place – 35:45