How is your training personalized for every runner?

No two athletes in the world should be on the exact same training plan. I personalize training for runners by looking at details such as recent training runs, long-term progression, heart rate data, runner body type and stride length, recovery times between workouts, runner schedules, weather, and specific course preparation, just to name a few. What’s more, there is a personal element to coaching. Your motivation for running will be a big part of how we plan your training. That can only happen through real communication and involvement from a coach who cares.

Who do you primarily work with?

I work with a variety of runners, ranging from advanced marathoners to complete beginners.

How much will I need to run?

That answer vastly depends on your own individual circumstances. I believe in meeting athletes where they are in the moment and working with them to move forward together. If the thought of running a certain amount is daunting to you, it won’t be beneficial to do more than you’re comfortable with. Contrarily, many advanced runners need a coach to actually hold them back at times to achieve peak performance.

Will I need to completely change my current training?

No. One of the benefits of personalization is that your training is catered to your current schedule. If, for example, you run with a group once a week, that will be factored in to your training plan. Additionally, my job is to identify your current strengths and leverage them for the best possible results. The bread-and-butter runs that have worked for you in the past will still be on your schedule, sometimes with tweaks to maximize efficiency.

How quickly can you get me prepared for a race?

In a perfect world, runners are able to do a long, carefully crafted build up for every race. In the real world, opportunities often present themselves at random times. I work with runners across all ends of the race spectrum. Let me know what you are targeting. I’ll let you know if I can help.

How does video feedback work for running form and strength exercises?

Doing strength training incorrectly leads to all sorts of problems. At best, you won’t benefit from each exercise. At worst, you can develop imbalances that can lead to injury. To ensure you have proper form, I have you film yourself doing our core and strength work exercises. From there, I will analyze your form and send you a video of me demonstrating specific corrections. We will use the same process for running stride.

If I sign up, how long do I need to commit to a program?

By training with me, you commit to only one month at a time. I’m fully confident in my ability to help you achieve your goals, and I expect that once we begin working together, you will want to continue under your current program. Still, life circumstances can change, and I understand the need for flexibility. Simply provide me with a week or more’s notice and we can part ways at the end of a month.

Why choose you over another coach?

My best marathon time is 2:34:29. You will find coaches with PRs ranging from faster to much slower. What I believe makes me different is my personalized approach, my body of knowledge, and my real-world experience of starting serious running well into my 20s. All of my best races came while I was out in the real world, living a busy and stressful life. I can help you find those same results.

Who do you not work with?

I only coach athletes who I know I can help. I currently do not work with the following types of athletes:

  • Athletes on a ketogenic diet
  • Pregnant women
  • Athletes with certain medical conditions that require additional expertise