Quick Tips for Training During and After Snowstorms

Stuck inside due to snow? Don’t let something as universal as weather get in the way of your training.

Running Options:

1. Shopping Plaza Parking Lots

Not only are these lots plowed quickly and thoroughly – they are also well lit, allowing you to run well past sunset.

2. Local Soccer Fields

You only need to shovel around 150m of snow to create enough space for you to ping pong back and forth and grind out your mileage. Your pace will obviously be much slower than usual, but you won’t miss a day of aerobic stimulus. Take short, choppy steps to avoid slipping.

3. Your Own Home

Most of us don’t have access to a treadmill in our house or apartment. Thankfully, there are other ways to train without leaving home.

Running in place can be an excellent tool for a quick aerobic workout. I recommend wearing your trainers for this kind of running, since it can be taxing on your lower limbs if you go barefoot.

You can also grab a backpack, free weights, or even a big jug of water and do sets of stair walking. While your heart rate likely won’t reach the same aerobic zones as a run, the muscular benefits of this kind of exercise are very similar to running.

Bonus Tip:

Side roads and newer residential cluster housing roads are your best friend when looking to do long runs post snowstorm. These roads have much lower levels of traffic than main roads and often provide multiple loops for variety.