Get a Free Training Audit from See You At The Finish

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You care about running, and you put thought into your daily miles. But have you ever had a third party analyze the way you’re training? 

A training “audit” is an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses in your current training plan. What are you doing well? What types of runs are you struggling with? What workouts are you not doing that could benefit your long-term progression? 

By getting an objective look at your training, you can make sure you’re running towards your specific goals – and not just in circles.

Runners who train with See You At The Finish receive a comprehensive analysis of their training as part of their welcome kit. This analysis serves as the foundation for the start of each training plan, which is updated in real time based on your day-to-day progress.

But for runners who are just curious to see what their own analysis would look like, I also offer free training audits. While less detailed, these audits can still provide valuable insight into your current training.

Unlock your Potential’s free training audit is an excellent starting to where you are in terms of your training and where you could go with the right adjustments. It’s not just about identifying your weaknesses; it’s also about recognizing your strengths and leveraging them for the best possible results.

What Does the Audit Include?

The audit includes personalized analysis on your recent training, highlighting three areas of strength and three areas that can be improved upon, if applicable. You’ll also receive a proposed training strategy should you decide to work with There is no obligation and no cost.

The audit – like all training I offer – is genuinely personalized. You won’t just receive a copied-and-pasted set of general running principles. 

How to Get a Training Audit

If you’d like a free training audit, fill out the form below. Again, there is no commitment and no cost. I’ll email you with confirmation of receipt and a general fitness liability waiver, which you can eSign. Turnaround time for your personalized analysis is typically 24-72 hours.